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Bones of sceletal system, including a vertebrae, is a living tissue which one should gain the applicable delivery to save the standard properties.

The osteal structure consists of a firm jacket which one forms a bone and makes strong. The osteal tissue consists in the core of calcium and phosphorus. Also in it there are also other minerals. The use of a white sugar and yields on its bottom makes skeleton bones quaggy. Disease of bones — an osteoporosis as a result unstrands.

The osteoporosis is a dystrophia of a bony tissue therefore bones become fragile and breakable. And there is it of that Saccharum collects from bones calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese. That it to avoid, it is necessary to consume natural yields, rich with minerals, in the core "calcium and phosphorus. Besides minerals vitamins which one participate in bony tissue solidifying are necessary also. We will talk, with what help of yields we can feed normally a bony tissue to avoid an osteoporosis.

Among devices which one are a part of our skew field, calcium occupies 5 place after four main members: Carboneum, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and among metals which one will organise the bases (alkali), — the maiden place.

Calcium is a part of a skeleton, cogs, fingernails, hair. In an organism it is contained in norm about 1200 g of calcium, 99 % of this amount are centred in bones. The mineral builder of a bony tissue is in a state of constant up-dating.

Permanently there are two processes: diffusion of osteal matter with an output of exempt calcium and phosphorus in a blood stream and deposition fosforno-kaltsievyh salts in a bony tissue. At growing children the skeleton completely is renewed for 1—2 years, for adults for 10—12 years.

At the adult person for days about 700 mg of calcium are deduced from a bony tissue and as much sidetracked again. The osteal tissue, besides a function of support, plays a role of the drive of calcium and phosphorus, whence an organism derives them at a deficiency of arrival with nutriment.

For example, at an air pressure fall for equal balance saving it is required to an organism more than usually, calcium. If its reserves in a blood are not present, it is strenuously derived from bones. When process overflows norm, the pathology, more often at elderly unstrands, and they speak: «Oh, as bones are ill! It to a bad weather…»

When in an organism the long time arrives not enough calcium it can be substituted with strontium as their molecular structures are similar. And nevertheless a strontium molecular lattice more than at calcium. Therefore there are changes in bones and knuckles — growths, warpages, multiplexing, a slubs and etc.

Specially actively these processes happen after 35—40 years when the organism starts to "transfer" calcium from bones in a blood, and by 65 70 years the person can lose to 30 % of the osteal calcium. And as the effect — originates an osteoporosis (bony tissue diffusion), and also numerous diseases of the excitatory and cardiovascular systems.

Calcium also will neutralise harmful acids. The it is less in nutriment of the yields yielding an acid reaction of a blood (meat, cheese, items from a white flour, refined Saccharum and animal fats), the it is less need for a calcium, the the state of bones and cogs (that who suffers affliction corrupting of cogs, on the notice) is better.

Calcium is a cell nucleus constituent. The crucial role belongs to calcium in implementation of intercellular connections and a sequenced cling at tkaneobrazovanii. The Moscow professor A. Malenkov has installed that fastness of an organism to malignant formations depends at most clutches of cells.

Scientists have noted two more singularities connected to calcium. The good spare of calcium in youth many long years maintains an organism in a healthy, young-looking state. The above concentration of calcium in blood serum, the is more at patient of chances to recover.

Calcium cation is the major control of metabolic processes and functions of cells. It activates calcium channels, is a part of the moleculas-carriers conveying nutrient materials in a cell from an extracellular fluid, activates a row of the vital ferments which are responsible for a coagulating property of a blood, participating ‘ in formation of moleculas ATF.

Calcium maintains a tonus of tanks at the expense of influencing on a tonus of the nonstriated muscles allocated in walls of tanks. Checks abbreviation and skeletal muscles relaxing. Being the antagonist of sodium (which one entraps in an organism), it contributes in leadingout (together with water) salts of heavy metals and radionukleidov. In addition to pointed calcium is a powerful antioxidant and an antistress factor.

Scientists have numbered signs of violation of a swap of calcium about 300 various deflection caused by a deficit of calcium in an organism. Here most severe of them:

• a growth disorder at children;

• rachitic changes of ratioes of a skull owing to a let-down of bones ("a turret" skull, angular, with overhung nadbrovjami and deeply put eyes and etc.);

• uploshchenie pelvic bones with its change doperechnyh sizes that can have in the future serious consequences for parturient women and their children because of the impeded passing of a horsehead of the child through tribal trajectories;

• a rachiocampsis, bones of the lower extremities (0-shaped or H-shaped legs);

• a high sweating, irritability, an early baldness, a dead colour of hair;

• predilection of a skin to allergic eruptions;

• a growth disorder of cogs, early enamel corrupting;

• the bad coagulating property of a blood, predilection to the durable bleedings;

• plural ecchymoses on a skew field owing to bleedings from capillary tubes of tissues;

• predilection to convulsive responses, muscular cramps;

• at persons of advanced age — predilection to fractures of bones because of an osteoporosis, at young men — predilection to cramps ikronozhnyh muscles;

• frequent constipations.

Reception of yields rich with calcium:

• contributes in the osteoporosis warning;

• reimburses stores of calcium at the persons, suffering affliction a rachitis, an osteomalacy;

• it is used at tetany treatment (the strong muscular spastic strictures), a called allergic response, lead poisoning;

• creates protection against acids in a maw;

• helps to regulate pace of cardiac performance, a blood coagulating property, abbreviation of muscles;

• reduces concentration of Natrii phosphases at the people, buds suffering affliction by diseases;

• reduces a blood pressure;

• reduces hazard of formation of rocks in buds;

• easies ikronozhnye cramps;

• treats a toxicosis of pregnant women;

• notifies a canker of a colon;

• contributes in learning of vitamin В12. The diurnal need for a calcium is modified with the years. Following norms are recommended.

Children of one-five years

800—900 mg

Children of six-seven years

1000—1200 mg

The majority of adults

800 mg

Expectant mothers

1000 mg

Feeding women

1500 mg

Calcium learning is influenced negatively by excess in nutriment of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, and also excess or a grease disadvantage. At excess of grease calcium quits an organism in the form of calcium soaps.

Some acids (inozitfosfornaja, oxalic) will organise strong insoluble bonds which one are not assimilated by an organism with calcium. In particular, calcium of bread, wheat, oats and other gramineous yields containing a significant amount inozitfosfornoj of an acid, is badly assimilated. And as a principal product at us bread and items from a flour, it is no wonder universal «travail cogs». Calcium from a sorrel and spinage is badly assimilated.

In this connection 20—30 % from total quantity of the accepted calcium are assimilated only.

Optimum learning of calcium happens at a calcium and phosphorus ratio 1:1,3 (under other data, 1:1 and 1:1,7) and a calcium and magnesium ratio 1:0,5.

In complement I will cite interesting data from V.N.Fedin’s clause «That to us does not suffice?»:

«On II International congress on learning of influencing of living conditions and operations on health doctors with surprise stated that the population of Europe, the North America and Ocenia has not enough 900 mg of calcium a day (it they gained 70—90 % with milk and milk food, that is, on the modern submissions, in the most assimilable form!). In Italy and Argentina 650—800 mg of calcium (suffice 50—70 % from milk food), and Japanese, the majority of Hindus, inhabitants of Chile, the republic of South Africa, Turkey live on 300 350 mg of calcium a day, and milk in their ration of only 10—30 %, remaining — grass plants, foetuses, nut coals, a fish. At these people more low deduction from an organism of not used calcium and above level of its digestion».

Until recently was considered that the best radiants of calcium are milk and cheese. Now it is known that milk contains such calcium, which one nesvojstven to a human body. That it to assimilate, it is required to expend a lot of energy, including a part of a characteristic store of calcium.

Cheeses, as a rule, a yield overcured, oversaturated greases, sodium salt and stains. Therefore it is necessary to consider as key sources of calcium natural yields: a liver of fish, a seafood, crude egg yolk, pods, cabbage, a celery, curds, apricots, a currant, grapes, oranges, pineapples, a parsley, spinage. These yields contain not only calcium, but also phosphorus, and also vitamins, With, Century

So, we know that negatively influences learning of calcium by an organism, and also we know yields, the best for sufficing of need of an organism in calciums.

What it is possible to undertake, that calcium was assimilated more full (after all 70—80 its %, arriving with nutriment, are deduced with a faecal matter, and with urine of 150-350 more mg)?

1. Transfer of calcium in an organism through intestinal wall is integrated to energy consumption. For this purpose it is necessary to oxigenate an organism and legkoperevarivaemymi carbohydrates.

2. To ensure an organism with vitamin and to have healthy buds. In buds matter which one conveys calcium in small intestines Would will be organised of vitamin.

3. To sanitate slow small intestines, using nutriment with carotin enough. Otherwise reborn slow not in a state to assimilate calcium.

4. Calcium inhausting is contributed by squirrels of nutriment, citric acid and lactose. Amino acids of protein will organise well miscible and easily inhausted complexes with calcium. The gear of activity of citric acid is analogous. Lactose, being subjected to a fermentation, maintains in an intestine low meanings rn that hinders with formation insoluble fosforno-kaltsievyh salts.

So, use the mentioned below table in which one information on a calcareous content in foodstuff, for creation of a sound body and specially cogs are supplied.

Yields with most proper correlation of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium


The content, mg on 100 g of a yield









Bread rye простой*








Bread of wheaten 2nd sort
























Grechka (buckwheat groats)
















Curds fat ***








Pork meat








Eggs куриные*
















Cabbage **
















Gold apples
























Carrot **








Nut coals грецкие*
















Beet **








Lambert nut ***








Purret **
















Explanations: * an eligible yield; ** very good; *** the excellent.

In the capacity of the effective food supplement contributing in a restore of calcium in an organism, it is possible to use a shell from eggs. Experts state that the shell from crude eggs is better works. But will approach and from boiled, specially the soft-boiled.

Egg is necessary for washing beforehand, a shell to dehumidify and process on a coffee grinder (as a matter of convenience uptakes).

For the best learning of calcium it is desirable after to accept a table spoon of fish tallow. In view of that now fish tallow is on sale capsular, its reception is significantly easied (5—10 sheaths).

Very tasty the shell becomes, if it to grind in a coffee grinder and to flood juice of half or the whole lemon (or a bog-berry or diverse acid bacca). There will be a response (calcium citrate will be organised) — a dust vspuchitsja. Further add there a tea or table spoon of honey (on taste), churn and accept. It is drunk perfectly and works dazzlingly.

One acquaintance to me has told that when it ministered in army appealed for that colleagues donated it a shell from eggs. As a result at 80 % of its colleagues cogs have been spoilt, and at it in the complete order. Moreover, at school to it have filled a tooth in one zube* — After army it has disappeared! A cog, being recovered, has exchanged the tissue, and together with it and a seal with a healthy tissue.

The wife of this person has given birth to it to five children and has all cogs the whole! And all because he coaxed her is in a time and after pregnancy a milled egg shell.

Besides calcium and phosphorus magnesium, manganese and some vitamins are indispensable for bones.

The microelement magnesium helps calcium and vitamin with construction of a bony tissue and in preventing of a let-down of bones. Natural radiants of magnesium are: pods of pods, pease, a bean, cucumbers, screenings, whole grain, nut coals, sunflower pips, honey, raisin, a dried plum.

Manganese contributes in delivery of oxygen from a blood to cells. It is specially relevant for a supply of intervertebral godets and cartilages which one have no direct circulation, and eat for.schet diffusions. Natural radiants of manganese are: a liver, egg yolk, an auk, an internal of the animals, all natural cheeses, seaweeds, a potato aril (it it is necessary to pulpify or board in a uniform and is bodily), lettuce, a celery, an onion, pease, pods of all types, screenings, bananas, almond, a chestnut, a Persian walnut.

Vitamins A are indispensable for a vertebrae normality, With and O.Dlja of the excitatory system is indispensable a complex of vitamins of bunch of Century

Vitamins A and X) allow to use more full in an organism calcium and phosphorus. They refine also activity of the excitatory system. With their help epithelial bodies regulate a calcium and phosphorus swap in an organism. At the people having a deficit of vitamins A and in a food allowance, reduction of density of bones is marked, and walls of bones become thin and fragile.

Rich radiants of vitamin A: carrot and carrot juice, a melon, a yellow pumpkin, peaches, new laid eggs, a liver of animals and a fish.

Rich radiants of vitamin: a liver of a fish and fish tallow; new laid eggs. Vitamin Would be worked out in a skin of the person under the influence of sun rays. Moderate abiding on the sun is very useful. Daily sun baths strenghten health. After acceptance of sun baths the appeared sweat should not be flushed away at once. It is necessary to wait for 15-20 mines that vitamin Would have time to be immersed by an organism.

Redoxon is important for a normality of connecting protein of collagen. Collagen fibres unite to cells in bones and other tissues of an organism. If it is not enough redoxon, collagen fibres become feeble and cannot bridge a cell normally.

As redoxon does not possess property to accumulate in an organism, it is required to be replenished daily. Rich radiants of redoxon: acid baccas and foetuses (dog rose), a citrus, greens, cabbage, a paprika. Thus it is necessary to remember that redoxon is very unstable at calefaction and promptly fails. It is better to eat the pointed yields crude.

As to bunch vitamins In they spot health shared state. If they arrive in enough the human body can live without animal proteins that is specially relevant at allergies. When they do not suffice, remaining vitamins lose the bulk of the meaning and activity.

The complete stocking by bunch vitamins In is ensured eat period in which one composition enter zelenolistnye plants, all-in-one and a germinated grain, beer yeast, nut coals. Explicitly about bunch vitamins In and others it is written in my book «Vitamins and minerals».


If not to track the vertebrae it becomes unfit for use and hauls a great deal of trouble and disadvantages. Alas, this true already is multiply checked.

To easy and eliminate the travails caused by any violations in a vertebrae, and to help an organism with recovery of its standard functions, in the yielded book various exercises and other means on vertebrae environmental sanitation are featured.

Apparently from the book, besides exercises, it is necessary to apply and other deoxidiziry means which one accelerate and anchor treatment. As a whole it is the complex program of health which one includes eutrophy (as a primary element of recovery of tissues of a vertebrae), good rest (as a means of relaxing and stress relief from a spinal column and its muscles and ligaments), and also a row of other standards, for example, floating.

Exercises on vertebrae environmental sanitation will help to redeem the correct standing of its structural elements (vertebra, intervertebral godets, ligaments, muscles) and to strenghten them. But without refinement and a rigorous delivery this task will be exigeant. Recovering something in the organism, it is necessary to remember that the human body represents selfrepair system. And that self-regeneration so, treatment, has successfully happened, it is necessary to create for this purpose all necessary conditions. As to a vertebrae for its recovery are indispensable: refinement of ligaments and muscles from drosses, the correct exercises, the correct relaxing, sufficient rest, a healthy delivery and the correct standing during walking, stands, sitting and even lying.

The system of environmental sanitation of a vertebrae which one I tender in this book, is natural and bezlekarstvennyj the approach to the organism. In a system bottom development of many talented people, both doctors, and folk healers of many breeds which one the author has tried to bring together in uniform system of environmental sanitation of a vertebrae and keeping up of an internal on the places have laid down.

I am assured of a volume that this program will help to return to a vertebrae its standard functions and will allow to eliminate the parents of many illnesses of a vertebrae and the internal caused by an irregular posture, flabby muscles, bad habits, physical cultivations and the irregular conduct of life.

By means of the knowledge stated in this book, it will be possible to recover and strenghten the back after any bruises and offsets of bones as a result of slopes or sharp movements, sprains of ligaments and muscles because of an irregular heaving of gravities, excursion or a skew field repositioning. This knowledge will help to recover a vertebrae and after the major injuries gained, for example, in car accidents. It will help and to the sportsmen who have gained serious traumas of a back in such sports, as the rod, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, a control, ice hockey and many other things.

Being engaged in solidifying of a vertebrae and press muscles, you can be saved of wilt in heart, headaches, a sugar diabetes (one of which one parents crossclamping of the applicable nerve is), bad digestion, constipation, wilt of sexual system, onychalgias, a loin and many diverse disorders and illnesses.

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Healthy fingernails look firm, plain and pink. They point blanket health of an organism.

What to make, if fingernails are fractured, stratify often, became rough, have lost natural colour? First of all it is necessary to strip and strenghten the organism. Know that the events directed only on one fingernails, — are ineffective.

Fragile, breakable fingernails bear to overdriving of a vital principle of "Wind". From here, applying that pacifies "Wind", we will make fingernails more elastic and elastic. Is better for this purpose trays from warm vegetable oil will approach. Make them 1-2 times a week.

To refine a nail blade and a skin round it, it is necessary to rub regularly in finger tips lemon juice, juice of a bog-berry, black or a northern red currant. Time in two days it is useful to make warm trays from mochegona (uparennoj to 1/4 urine).

Perfect activity on fingernails is rendered by""thimbles"from a bees wax. It contains strongly expressed principle of"Mucus"and, superimposed on fingernails, resilience, homogeneity of a nail material forms them.

Before going to bed make the cereous routine. Wax should be warmed up beforehand in a water bath, then to dip in it fingernails bodily. On setpins there will be "thimbles" from wax with which one you fall asleep. It is necessary to clean off them in the morning.

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That fact is obvious to all that the excess weight renders a heightened load on a spinal column and more promptly wears out intervertebral godets. Specially lumbar knuckles of a vertebrae and sacroiliac knuckles strongly suffer affliction, after all they carry all gravity of a human skew field and maintain the correct posture. Some people also do not suspect that, having heightened weight, they carry on themselves from 5 to 50 and more kilogrammes of a superfluous load.

The redundant mass of a skew field creates an extra charge also on heart. After all excess weight is a tissue on which one the circulation is performed. And heart should pump over a blood through this tissue, and it is waste and even a harmful load.

The fatty tissue can be sidetracked and rise in many vitals, such as buds and a pancreas, impeding their operation. It affects not at once on health of stout persons, but is customary after 35 years at them with health there are massive problems, and the heightened mass of a skew field is guilty in it. And their life will be shortened proportionally to an amount of superfluous kilogrammes of grease, which one they zaimeli.

Normalisation of mass of a skew field — case uneasy also demands constant self-testing from the person, wishing to grow thin. First of all it is necessary to create strong enough motivating and sequentially to realise the growing thin program. From a private experience I know that a control with excess weight has some stages.

1 stage. Organism refinement. So refinement of a thick intestine and refinement of a liver from 3 to 5 times allows to diminish pristine mass of a skew field from 5 to 20 kg! Specially noticeably it happens to those who had a pot-belly.

The lose of weight from clysters happens because the clump of drosses from a thick intestine and a part of water from an organism which one tried to maintain the necessary concentration of drosses in the fluid environments of an organism is deleted.

The lose of weight from cleaning of a liver is the result of normalisation futty and other metabolisms. Digestion, a digestion and selection is refined. Adipose metabolism normalisation leads to that the organism abandons natural to itself a grease interlayer.

2 stage. The correct, cleft delivery and sufficient physical activity. Customary passage to a cleft delivery leads to that the person loses still from 5 to 15 and more kilogrammes of dead load. Naturally, at people of low-level growth and light weight these losses will be not so are expressed, as at larger people. How to eat separately, it is written in many my books, but I advise to be converted to my operation «the Reasonable delivery: my twenty years’ experience».

As practice demonstrates, being on a cleft delivery, the person strongly drops weight and looks thin. That it did not happen, it is necessary to pick up for itself an individual delivery which one is peculiar only to your constitution, age and a season.

Even more dramatic changes will start to happen to you if you consume natural green nutriment, instead of artificial, preserved, refined, overcured and etc. Only the natural nutriment is the safest guarantor of conservation of mass of a skew field and good health.

Each animal eats that type of nutriment for which one it is adapted. And the human body is adapted for the applicable nutriment. If it to it eats, with mass of a skew field at it that’s OK. If eats the artificial nutriment strongly recasted by a tempering, the refinement, deprived of the vital devices (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and etc.) the skew field mass increases at the expense of grease, and ligaments and bones weaken from shortage of devices indispensable for them.

For saving of standard mass of a skew field and health it is not recommended to accept following nutriment.

• Foodstuff in which one salts are contained too many. Salt entraps in an organism and by that enlarges inert mass of a skew field.

• Saccharum and yields on its bottom: fruit spreads, jelly, fruit candy, ice-cream, a sorbet, a pastry, fruit juices with Saccharum, sweet carbonated drinks. Saccharum for the digestion demands mineral "time reference" which one undertakes from an organism bony tissue, slackening it.

• Acceptable cereal products in the form of a flour and yields on its bottom: a white bread, a rye bread with adding of a wheaten white flour, sponge-cakes, wafers, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, piraguas, sweet rolls. The cleaned grain processed in a flour, does not contain minerals (they are in a jacket) and vitamins, enzymes (are in a bud). As a result it is gained that "vegetable fat" which one replenishes a fatty tissue of the person is consumed. Thus from bones and organism tissues minerals and vitamins on starch learning are collected.

• Fat nutriment, packed greases, such, as margarine and hardened oils. It is necessary to eat less zharennoj on nutriment oil.

• the Bloater of any kind, hung-beef. And also industrial production meat products: sausages, a smoked sausage, meat and canned fish.

Specially it is necessary to shun yields in which one any matters enlarging storage life of yields and their trade dress are.

• Grease, a fatty meat, conserving agents — all these yields contribute in dialling by an organism of inert mass of a skew field which one gravity will lay down

On a vertebrae, will encumber heart, zashlakuet tissues.

• Alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, sweets. Same touches also selftreatment by various drugs. Except temporary alleviating and subsequent zashlakovki an organism they will bring nothing.

Abundant of drosses arriving in an organism contributes in that for their dilution the organism entraps. As soon as we deduce them, so excess of water disappears — the skew field mass is diminished.

Thus, the human health in many respects depends on that, than it eats. If half of our delivery "is dead" — is deprived enzymes, vitamins, minerals which one make nutriment "alive" also the skew field is half dead. To be vigorous, healthy, happy, it is necessary to use "alive" nutriment which one contains vitamins, mineral substances, enzymes and other devices.

Here the main naturopaticheskie regulations which one it is necessary to adhere in a delivery.

• all 3/5 of consumable yields — fruit and vegetables in the crude or prepared type.

Here green fruit and vegetables, juice from them and the prepared vegetables enter. It is possible to eat fruit and vegetables in the raw state, to make of them lettuces, to squeeze out juice, and also to subject to a sparing tempering and in such type to consume. It is possible to eat and a dried fruit, beforehand having steeped them in water alone.

In the morning is better to drink svezhevyzhatogo juice. During the lunchtime to eat the lettuce consisting of shallowly thread green celery, lettuce, a parsley, an onion, the Bulgarian pepper, carrot, a crude beet, a cucumber with an aril, a small radish and gold apples or various speed keys of these vegetables. In the capacity of seasonings use vegetable oil, a lemon, a vinegar of biological origin and milled dry grasss. The crude cabbage and the Bulgarian pepper is a bottom of a vegetable salad. The cabbage is rich with alive redoxon which one is very important for keeping up of a vertebrae and other bones in good order. The Bulgarian pepper contains the silicium indispensable for osteal structures.

As to cooking of vegetables they are plotted by a method of "interval", evaporations to a half-baked state. Explicitly about a method of cooking of vegetables the Reasonable delivery is written in the book «: my twenty years’ experience».

* all 1/5 of consumable yields — squirrels (an animal or a phytogenesis).

Squirrels of a phytogenesis are available in pease, a bean, nut coals, pips, whole grain (barley, a buckwheat, corn, wheat, millet), beer yeast, funguses, eggplants.

From phytalbumins it is possible to prepare flock of the useful and tasty dishes.

Squirrels of animal origin are included in meat, a fish, an auk, eggs, milk and a natural cheese. Thus it is necessary to know that heart, buds, contain a liver of more nutritional value, than muscular meat. So small percentage of protein in supply by speaks that uric acid which one can be sidetracked in the form of salts in knuckles and tissues will be organised of them in an organism.

For some people was rather relevant to consume gel and a cartilagenous tissue in the form of a jelly and boiled pinches. It contributes in the best recovery characteristic cartilaginous and an organism conjunctive tissue. In the beginning it is necessary to make it 3—4 times a week, and in process of recovery of a cartilagenous tissue 1—2 times in one, and even two weeks. It is very good reference for environmental sanitation of knuckles and a vertebrae.

* all 1/5 of consumable yields — carbohydrates in the form of natural fats, natural Saccharum, natural starch.

Natural fats, Amylums and Saccharum should be consumed in an equal ratio. In other words, if to take all carbohydrates for 100 % grease 33 %, Saccharum of 33 %, starch of 33 % are used.

Istochnik of natural Saccharum are: natural honey, dates, a sweet dried fruit.

Greases are better for using nonsaturated and not refined. These are oils of cold squeezing.

Amylums are first of all all-in-one gruels, a potato, grinding bread.

In the capacity of salts use a milled laminaria — in it besides salt there is a mass of mineral substances.

Adiposity and weakening of the is ligamentary-articulate apparatus of an organism are contributed also by an inactive conduct of life. The modern person consumes nutriments more than can expend. As a result it also is sidetracked in the form of grease reserves, burdening a vertebrae. The propulsion load not only boosts a metabolism, but also ukrepljajushche works on muscles, ligaments and bones. It contributes in that muscular, osteal and futty organism mass were in the necessary ratio. If driving does not suffice, the ratio of an inert material (grease) is enlarged in relation to a skeleton and muscles and the person becomes feeble and quaggy.

Thus, the eutrophy, a sufficient exercise stress and periodic cleanings up of an organism should be applied during all life to save health.

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Beautiful and healthy hair always were the relevant component female attractiveness. That they always remained such, it is necessary to tend them regularly and correctly. Store: hair love smooth water, therefore wash their rain or a melt water is more often. Water will approach for this purpose and protievaja.

That hair were not breakable, do not torrefy them under a jet nagretogo air. Is better get wet a loop towel and line out with it a head.

Advocate hair from direct sun rays — they fade them and make dry, breakable.

You should know that after chemical marcel or a permanent wave hair lose a part of the vital force, therefore they are necessary for sanitating.

Given below the reference will help you to strenghten hair, to make them more fine and more beautifully.

1. A yolk and 1 item a castor oil spoon to intermix, superimpose on hair, to abandon at 3 o’clock, having enveloped a head for warming by a towel. After that to wash hair neutral shampoo.

2. To admix 2 parts of a castor oil and 1 part of shampoo, to superimpose on hair, to comb within 2-3 minutes that the mass was arranged uniformly on hair. Then to fold a head a polyethylene film and on top to wrap a towel for warming. Approximately in 1,5 hours to wash a head and at once to rinse hair with water in which one Acetum (2-3 items of a spoon per litre waters), for giving of luster is added by it.

3. That hair were healthy and beautiful, it is necessary time in 8-10 days them to wash with egg. Break down in a glassful 1 egg and 1 yolk, fill in warm water, continuously stirring slowly with egg that were not contracted.

Beforehand hair wet hot water. A little a kept in repair glassful superimpose on a head and strongly rub setpins in a head skin. Then superimpose on a head a little more and again rub setpins. After you use contents of all glassful, rinse hair under a warm shower and comb their ridge.

4. If hair are fractured and the baldness is planned, arrive as follows. Grate a bulbus. The gained meal superimpose on a head and fasten a polyethylene film, and over it a scarf. In such type go to bed. In the morning carefully wash hair. Odour of an onion will be held down two days, therefore providently cancel on this time all occurrings.

5. For a hair reconstruction it is good to wash a head clotted milk, green beer, decoction of an onions husk or a neetle extract.

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Huge meaning for keeping up of slenderness of a vertebrae and other knuckles of an organism has quality of water. A potable water can be so sated by mineral salts what exactly they in the form of "cement substance" are sidetracked in a vertebrae and knuckles. Besides the matters used for a cleaning or water softening, slay in it all alive and add even more mineral substances, including very unhealthy.

Naturally, smooth water, such as the rain, thawed or protievaja, is better approaches for a drinking. But as to deduction of harmful salts from an organism is better to use a distilled water and svezhevyzhatye juice of vegetables and fruit.

Water can be made activated, refined, structured. As a result water becomes the most relevant component our nutriment! Therefore to it it is necessary to concern more religiously, than to any other food. The water role when it use for dissolution of various depositions and their subsequent excision specially increases. So, what we can make with water?

1. Remember — water chlorination is extremely unhealthy. Chlorine, being bridged to organic substances, will organise various toxicant bonds of a type of dioxine. In civilised countries water for a long time ozonize. At usage of water from under its easel it is necessary to defend beforehand within days, and then to boil, once again to defend and only then to use. Use spring water.

2. Naichistejshaja water is flashed off. At the expense of one purity it is capable to dilute mud reservoirs in our organism. Some nations live only on rainwater and thus possess perfect health. In countries of the ancient world rainwater assembled in special artificial watertanks — tanks and used for a drinking and other purposes.

3. Water, infused on noble metals (gold, argentum), possesses perfect bactericidal properties. Natural bodies of water with such water (the river Ganges in India) always were considered sacred and were widely used for an organism recovery.

4. A melt water. It can be gained from ice of a natural or artificial parentage. The last years scientists have discovered new unusual properties of a melt water.

That the water accepted in our organism, has started to "work", it is necessary for it to attach special structure — an array resembling the form of ice, and also to strip of various impurities. It is considered that our organism expends of 25 kcal on structurization of one litre of water of a self-energy.

The natural melt water under the performances is in many respects approximate to water in an organism. The melt water has sequenced mesomorphic structure in which one the biological information can already be stored; it differs from customary on viscosity (more tekucha), has a smaller surface intention (so, possesses larger surface activity) — 68 dynes/sm (against 75 dynes/sm at customary); at it absolutely other dielectric performances. As a result of all it in a melt water processes of crystallisation, dissolution, adsorption, a transmission of energy, that is processes which one occur in a living cell are accelerated. Thus, the melt water is much more useful customary.

For example, polar explorers state that at ridge of melting ice micro-organisms and seaweed promptly unstrand. The rapid growth at plants happens in the spring. Behind the Polar circle there are flowers which one grow only in July when snow and ice melts. In August there is more than sun and heat, but evolution stops.

In 1958 experience which one has demonstrated has been delivered that for seven weeks the chickens drinking a melt water, had weight on 40 % more than what drank customary water.

The melt water possesses interior energy! So, at passage of water from a liquid phase in crystalline (ice) on giving to structure ice energy is expended. At ice inverse in water this energy is released and powerfully boosts a human body and animals. This one of explanations why run at animals is watched in the spring and in the autumn. Auks from rich with nutriment of ponds of warm countries fly to deduce descendants north-up, to a melt water; neritic arctic waters with the major content of a melt water are richest with a plankton; a fresh vegetables and fruit, a new milk possess the strong diuretic properties as the reticulated water promptly transits through our organism.

One more interesting and relevant phenomenon connected to a melt water, consists that atoms of hydrogen and oxygen are allocated from each other bevel way in 60 °. It spots an angle of inclination of a browse from shaft, it is peer 60 °. The patterns drawn by a frost on glass, are similar to fleeings of trees and have the same 60 °!

Water very difficultly modifies the structure. That is why at melting the ice structure is still for a long time saved. At temperature nearby 0 ° water is most arranged and most actively participates in an organism biochemical process. From here the relevant note — correctly to gain a melt water and correctly to use it, it is necessary water not only completely to refrigerate, but after thawing on 4/5 (from congealed litre of water ottait 800) to store in a refrigeration cabinet at such temperature that in it ice slices (1/5 part) floated. And to accept it only in such type. Only in this case there will be an overt effect.

If to apply a melt water, approximately in 5—7 months (a time of changeover of all water in an organism on the reticulated, not demanding energies for rehash) will considerably be refined health shared state, will raise serviceability, the time on a sleep will contract.

The melt water in old age is specially useful. As it is known, in an old age there is an organism dehydration — a syneresis. The melt water helps an organism to struggle with this appearance.

Generally, a melt water is better satisfies thirst, takes off fatique.

Some stock breeders with success use a melt water for cultivation of a healthy and nourished joung growth.

5. Omagnichennaja wateris gained at passage through magnitotron (magnet). From it water acquires a certain inner pattern and a charge. All it together dazzlingly boosts vital processes in an organism of animals and plants. For example, trees fructify at their showering omagnichennoj water is much better. This water specially is recommended to be applied when the heightened amount of energy is required to an organism: during starvation, heavy agings, illnesses, for tonic troughs.

Galina Sergeevna Shatalov so recommends to labilise and purify. Fill in in a bottletight tank of the customary sweetened water, from account 1 des. Saccharum spoon per litre. Vapour 2 l and assemble the condensed overhead product in a glass jar, in passing having dropped it through an absorbite. To a spile, whence the overhead product drips in a jar, enclose a plane magnet on 1000 oersted. The arctic pole of a magnet should be turned to water.

The 2-one-litre jar charged with an overhead product cool within 8 h at temperature, close to 0 °. As a result the upper third of water in a jar will be structured. Snug assemble its catheter. The time can be reduced to cooking of a following portion of the reticulated water, if you flood the maiden portion in formers for cooking of cubes of ice and will deliver in a freezing chamber. Further it is enough to launch one ice cube in an overhead product 3-one-litre jar, and water can be used for a drinking.

On Galina Sergeevny’s assertion, all process of cooking of such water pays for itself with interest. But Yury Andreev does not advise permanently to drink omagnichennuju water in order to avoid by-effects — excessive speedup of vital processes. It had been noticed the following: if the plant paleocrystic also lives three years application omagnichennoj waters accelerates its growth, and all cycle of life transits in 2 years.

In the nature there is a unique day — on January, 19th in which one time all water on the Terrestrial globe becomes structured. Typed this day from natural bodies of water, it can stand very longly and possesses curative qualities.

6. Protievaja water.This water is plotted, as well as thawed, but there are significant differences. In view of that in water there are some isomers (that is water types) — lungs, heavy and etc. — it is desirable to be saved from unfavorable and to sample on what our organism "works" is better.

The takeoff procedure is grounded that deuteroxide isomers congeal maiden at temperature +3,8 "With, and optimum for an organism — at-1 °s. Therefore the maiden ice organised at congelation of water, contains heavy isomers (deuterium) in the core and he is necessary for throwing out. At the further congelation water, being transmuted into ice, displaces all mud resolved in it in not congealed part. There light isomers which one congeal at lower temperatures are sampleed also. Naturally, neither light isomers of water, nor the mud couched in it are not necessary to an organism. They are necessary for throwing out.

Obtaining process protievoj waters in house requirements looks so: put spring water (boiled and otstojannuju water) in a cold storage room. As soon as near pan walls the maiden ice will be organised is the deuteroxide has congealed. A pan pull out also water transfuse in other pan which one put revertively in a cold storage room. The ice which has remained in previous, throw out. Now wait, while water in a pan will not congeal to 1/2—2/3 bulks. As soon as it has happened, a pan drag and not congealed water pour out are light water with impurities. The remained ice also is protievaja the water refined on 80 %, with the select isomers optimum for passing of biological processes in an organism.

One more advantage protievoj waters consists that in it 16 mg of calcium per litre fluids are contained. As have demonstrated probes of Odessa chemist Nikolay Druzjaka, optimum for life activity of the person the calcium amount should constitute 8—20 mg/l. Such water is drunk by long-livers. Now you need to fire up this ice and to use gained protievuju drinking water and cookings.

7. «The white tongs» is a state of water when a stormy line-up blisters float, but water as a whole does not boil (94—96 °s). During this moment it snap-chill, seating kastrjulku in running water. As a result of this routine there is an interesting process of "congealing" of interior structure and energy in water. At the water approach to a p.b. (passage from one phase state — liquid, in another — gaseous) slow (laminar) flow of a fluid is succeeded with prompt (turbulent). In the course of such gang there is a change of interior structure of water, for the purpose of passage through itself in unit of time a larger flow of warmth. And here during this moment there is a quenching in which one effect this vysokoenergetichnaja the structure "is refrigerated", saving all dazzling properties.

The human body is some kind of vysokoorganizovannaja public type system. Similar systems can exist because for keeping up of the interior order-structure (that is an organism deadweight) destroy vysokostrukturirovannye matters to low molecular weight, dropping them through itself. The Energia organised at such fission, is used by an organism on stabilising of characteristic tissues. For example, foodstuff — vysokostrukturirovannye proteinaceous and uglevodistye matters in our organism fails to carbamide, a carbon dioxide and water. The organism uses the energy exempted thus for keeping up in a stable state of characteristic protein, carbohydrates, cells, organs and etc. As a result we think that we are in a stable state, and actually this stability is performed for the bill destruktu-rizatsii (corruptings) of nutriment, the water, environmental room and the information.

Now, if we return to the degased water with "vmorozhennoj" in it high structure and energy it will appear that our organism derives from it energy, destroying structure of "boiled water" to customary warm water. The energy extracted thus goes on solidifying of characteristic tissues of an organism, rising of its defensive and regenerative properties. To use such water it is necessary promptly, differently it loses the structure and energy, promptly transferring from energetically saturation in another — with the under power engineering. Chilling should be led until while this water does not become warmish.

And more one singularity — the degased water is much softer thawed, and protievoj. This water will not excite a vital principle of "Wind", and to the contrary, contributes in its normalisation. To drink such water specially it is recommended dry, held down, with the under caloric powers to people. Thawed and protievaja water in a cold type specially will approach for corpulent people with the expressed caloric powers.

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Labiums are more sensitive and are tender, than a face skin. They demand the same maintenance, as a face skin.

Before going to bed it is necessary to yield labiums rest. For this purpose in the evening they carefully strip of lipstick. Is better to make it by the web wetted in a liquid or fat flint. Wipe labiums light motions. Change cotton plugs until on them lipstick traces will not be visible.

If labiums are exposed to the wind that points "Wind" overdriving in an organism every other day lubricate with their natural honey. Honey contributes in skin normalisation on labiums. In 20 minutes honey can be eaten, carefully pinching its tongue.

Well straightens out a skin of labiums and attaches it resiliency curds with a small amount of cream. On once tea spoon of this compound it is enough. It spread on all surface of labiums and for 10 minutes abandon.

Muscles round a mouth "tap" in the evening with a wad from the wad, wetted in a green urine then wash warm water without a soap.

On that place where wrinkles near mouth L-steels will be organised, it is possible to superimpose wetting mask. It make of ice-cream circles, but otogretogo a cucumber.

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Water — a good hygienic conditioning agent behind a face skin, but a characteristic urine — is better. And in it there is nothing unusual, after all the child, being in bowels of mother, floats in a pond organised in the core at the expense of the urine. These are optimum requirements for forming and growth of an organism and, of course, for a skin.

It is very useful to wash the morning warm urine. It is better, than water, flushes away a mud, grease, remainders of sweat and the keratosic stratum of a skin, and in complement — sates a skin with mineral substances. Recall: the best cosmetics is brewed in Israel on the basis of minerals of the Dead Sea. After washing by an urine yield it to be imbibed in a skin, then rinse out the person cool water.

Generally know: it is impossible to wash neither too cold, nor too hot water. The face skin of it does not love. To wash with a soap follows once a week. The soap torrefies a skin, and the urine makes its elastic and advocates, after all the urine has the same acidity, as a skin.

Are specially recommended urinovye washings at a dry skin. And here at whom a fat skin, it is desirable to wash in the morning and in the evening with any toilet soap. It predries it and makes standard. It is better to wash cool water in the morning. It yields freshness. Wash contrasting water — alternately warm and cool in the evening. Similar washing boosts also bloody tanks that beneficently influences a face skin.

If you have black eels on a face skin wash out a skin the soft sponge or a cotton plug, copiously having soaked with their soapsuds. It is useful after that to wipe the person uparennoj an urine.

At a standard skin wash twice a day — in the morning and in the evening, but to soap the person better only in the evening that for a night the face skin has recovered the protective attributes.


The bad, unhealthy skin (eels, a rash, pale colour, and are even worse — grey, folds) — a consequence of our delivery and a conduct of life. To save a skin healthy, adhere to following references.

Regularly strip the organism, specially a thick intestine.

Eat bread from a germinated grain, green fruit, vegetables, eggs and not refined vegetable oil.

Accept enough of beta carotin (vitamin A) and redoxon.

Be failed from fat nutriment (including fried), refined yields, caffeine, alcoholic beverages and chocolate.

Do not smoke. Some explorers consider that at smokers of a fold occur earlier.


During a sleep the skin is recovered. The sleep in is for this purpose indispensable 7-8 hours. Reception of a fluid to persons with "the Wind" and "Gall" constitution — 6-8 glassfuls in day, and "Mucilages" — 2-3 allows to deduce metabolic products and other drosses from an organism. A delivery, rich biologically active materials, makes a skin healthy. The regular physical activity boosts a heat buildup, a circulation, a diaphoresis that accelerates skin up-dating.

Experiences negatively influence a skin that in certain cases leads to a change in shape of the person, therefore save calmness. Be saved of bad habits — smoking and alcohol intake.

Smoking narrows down skin tanks owing to what the skin does not gain enough nutrient materials and early grows old. Alcohol possesses diuretic activity and unwaters an organism that torrefies a skin. Some medicines cause an allergy. It is not recommended to use a scented soap — it torrefies a skin. By the autumn the skin parches, and in the spring slowly is recovered.

The skin state is influenced unfavorably by environmental factors. The solar ultraviolet perniciously attacks its cells. Low humidity unwaters an organism, and heightened causes sebaceous and sweat glands to work fan-in harder that makes a skin fat. Temperature variations torrefy and unwater a skin, the wind aggravates this process. The fine dust corks skin pores and hinders with its normal respiration. In the cold winter the skin state is sharply degraded. For its keeping up in a healthy state the careful maintenance is required specially.


The frost and wind exsiccate a face skin, than the most hot sun much more strongly. Therefore in the morning, for an hour to an output on street, wash a green urine.

When will strongly become cold, it is necessary to wipe the person the web wetted in a cosmetic chyle. Further carefully to sew the person a towel and copiously to lubricate with its fat nutrient flint. Specially a dense stratum suppose under eyes.

At subzero temperature it is impossible to use wetting flint — it is possible to get frost-bitten. Before the output on street it is possible to powder slightly the person that will safeguard it from frost action.

In cold winters at some women on a frost the nose strongly blushes. Ezhevechernie warm plugins from uparennoj an urine within 15-20 minutes, and then a massing of a nose from an end to the base a nutrient flint will help you to remove such response.

Quite often on a frost arms blush. The redness of arms on a frost grows out of violation of a thermoregulation of an organism more often. Not to lose heat, the organism brakes a circulation in extremities. In such events it is necessary to track carefully arms and to advocate them from chill. Necessarily wear warm regular gloves, and it is better varezhki.

To wash arms it is necessary in warm water with a soap having neutral rn then it is good to wipe and lubricate with a flint or luccu oil.

Flint in a skin rub the motions resembling a drawing tight of gloves. At first from finger tips to their base, and then on a palm rear side to a wrist.

At times it is necessary to make massage of paintbrushes of arms, trays from uparennoj an urine. For circulation normalisation it is good to sink arms alternately that in cold, in warm water. It is useful to take arms in the water which has been drained off from a boiled potato. It podpitaet a skin minerals.

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Drosses happen the diversified and will be organised practically in each organ and a cell. In overwhelming majority drosses are nedookis-lennye metabolism yields. If to activate an oxidation process in an organism they can be led up to a finite phase of an oxidising therefore they become readily soluble matters, not capable to accumulate in an organism. For this purpose it is desirable to attack them organic acids: lemon, apple, nicotinic, ascorbic, palmitic both etc. And here we rather need sap therapy. In an organism the physical activity to sweat, fresh-killed routines perfectly contributes in activating of an oxidation process. Natural zakisliteljami an interior environment starvation and our characteristic urine are stronger.

In a time dookislenija drosses it is desirable to be failed from vegetable oil which one possesses the strong cholagogue properties and significantly decelerates process dookislenija. The nutriment is recommended to be applied in this continuance sated with green organic acids (juice, lettuces) and slightly acidifying internal environment of an organism (gruel from all-in-one sleets if the person does not venture to fast).

Advantage of a characteristic urine in comparison with usage svezhevyzhatyh juice, consists that each human organ is adapted for usage of certain acids. Therefore, valuably to wash out and acidify drosses in miscellaneous organs, it is necessary to use their amplate assortment (B.Bolotov’s reference). And the urine contains all acids of our organism and easily the fluid of the organism penetrates into any organ, as it.

Well in the capacity of emollient routines poultices, compresses approach urinovye troughs. The urine in which one there was the strong ammoniacal odour is specially good for a control with deposition of salts old, uparennaja to 1/4 initial bulks. At the expense of causticity of ammonia it uncloses pores in a skin, and at the expense of the strongest osmosis draws out drosses outside.

Now we need to pick up natural dissolvents of salts and drosses. There is such nature law: the similar is diluted by the similar. For example, in kerosene all oil products — cup grease, solar oil, lampwax are diluted. In alcohols all alcohols — Glycerinum, sorbitol, xylitol and etc. are diluted

Observations demonstrate that is self-supporting in an organism salts alkaline, mineral and fat a type of lithates, and also Natrii phosphases, Sodium oxalatums are not diluted. For their dissolution it is possible to apply secure to life activity of an organism of alkali — gains of some plants or juice. For example, tea from sunflower roots dilutes many salts.

In the autumn accumulate thick parts of roots of sunflower, shear small hairy roots, carefully wash and torrefy. Then them crush on small slices (value about a bean) and boil in the enameled ware (on 3 l of water 1 glassful of roots) about 1—2 minutes is necessary for drinking This gain for 2 3 days. Then the same roots again boil, but 5 mines are more narrow, in the same water volume and also drink for 2—3 days. The third time is boiled by the same roots in the same water volume, but 10—15 mines are more narrow, and also drink for 2—3 days. Having concluded to drink a gain from the maiden portion, initiate to following and etc. This gain drink heavy doses for half an hour to meal. Thus salts start to quit only after 2—3 weeks of the use. Urine will be rusty bloom. It is necessary to drink until it does not become pellucid, as water.

Juice of a black redish perfectly dilutes minerals in gall ducts, a gallbladder, a renal pelvis, an urinary bladder, and also in a vascular bed.

Take 10 kg of tubers of a black redish, wash, without stripping an aril, and squash juice, about three litres. Juice store in a refrigeration cabinet, and press cakes intermix with honey in a ratio on 1 kg of press cake of honey of 300 g or 500 g of Saccharum and add there a lactoserum for lactic fermentation. All is stored in a warm place, in a jar under a press. As a result of lactic fermentation in press cake organic acids will be organised, capable to acidify drosses and salts.

Juice of a black redish start to drink for 1 h. To a spoon in an hour after meal. If in a liver pains the dose can be enlarged gradually from one spoon to two are not felt and eventually to reach till 100

Juice of a black redish is the strong cholagogue means. If in gall ducts many salts, drosses gall out flux is impeded — from here a pain are contained. Apply on liver field a water heater, take hot troughs. If the pain is tolerant, routines prolong until juice will terminate. Usually the pain is felt only in the beginning, then all is normalised. If you beforehand have done liver refinement it generally can not be.

Salts quit imperceptibly, but the effect from refinement is huge. When juice concludes, start to use press cakes which one will already turn sour by then. Use them during meal on 1—3 items of a spoon, will not conclude yet. Besides refinement it contributes in solidifying of a pulmonary tissue and cardiovascular system.

Similar abstersive routines it is necessary to lead 1—2 times a year. During refinement keep predominantly to a vegetative diet, shun acute, acid and salty dishes.

Besides the aforesaid well dilute salts: tea from a ninety-knot, a common horsetail, watermelon peels, pumpkin tailings; juice of roots of a parsley, a horse-radish, leaves of Tussilago farfara, chicory, turnip, a Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke). A proportioning enlarge gradually, since 30 g, and lead up to 100 g, accepting through 30 mines after meal.

However the characteristic urine is the best natural dissolvent made by our characteristic organism. It more all contents to a principle: the similar is diluted by the similar.

Here the soft alternative of refinement from drosses and salts.

Daily commit jogs in moderate tempo (or other physical activity) for 30 60 minutes Two-three times a week walk in a steam room or take hot troughs. After meal drink the above-stated decoctions, juice (any on a select), and 2—3 times before meal accept inside on 100 g of a characteristic urine. Follow-up on salt content places it is necessary to make compresses of an old urine for the night (begin from one o’clock). A delivery modified towards dominance of a green plant food (it validly for a warm season). It is quite good to make at this time urinovye clysters — for excision of the drosses arriving in an intestine from a liver. The refinement course is prolonged from 3 till 5 weeks. Then month of rest, but thus observe a vegetative delivery and urine reception. Further the course can be iterated before obtaining of desirable effect.

In the capacity of the control of abstersive process are used: appearance in turbidity urine (waste metal of salts), gradual magnification of slenderness (an output of salts from tissues). Refinement of an urine and slenderness magnification as in the childhood, points the termination of abstersive process. Vital force and an organism is simultaneously enlarged made refractory to illnesses.

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To me often ask problems on, a leah it is possible to rejuvenate a skin of a neck which one produces age of the woman? The neck skin grows old earlier, than the face skin, and produces age of the woman. One of the parents of a prompt wilting — lack of due attention behind the health. The regular prophylactic application of abstersive routines — a thick intestine, a liver, a running to eutrophy; visitation of a steam room and application urinoterapii saves both an organism, and its skin in a dazzling state.

Besides blanket environmental sanitation it is possible to apply compresses from uparennoj an urine on neck field. It is good podpityvaet a skin microelements and sates with its water. As a result of a fold are straightened out also a neck skin becomes elastic.


To sit endways, a neck — in a verticality, the head should not be thrown back back. Continuously turn a head to the left and to the right with gradual magnification of an angle of rotation. Rest a little, and then hang a head downwards and hoist hill up, at first it is continuous, with small range, gradually leading up to greatest possible for you. Following driving — chin pulling forward — is fulfilled taking into account the previous references. Such exercises very well influence a neck skin, but to fulfil them it is necessary regularly.

One more advice: do not read lying and do not sleep on a high pillow. It not only is harmful, but also ages a neck skin.


The dual chin spoils the person still the young woman. With this offensive appearance it is possible to struggle successfully. Here special exercises which one should be fulfilled daily. Each exercise should be begun from 5-6 times, and then to enlarge till 12-15.

Before an initiation of occupations of an arm, the person and a neck wash warm water without a soap. Dry wipe a towel and slightly rub uparennuju to 1/4 urine. Now it is possible to initiate with accomplishment of exercises.

1. Lean elbows about desktop, bridge thumbs together so that palms represented a bowl. A chin suppose on thumbs of arms and slightly press a chin on them. Simultaneously with pressing by thumbs remove a chin back.

2. Freely and rasslablenno will hang a head forward — the chin should touch a chest. Roundabout to the left hoist it and maximum hill up hoist a chin. Iterate this driving in other side. A declination by a head make freely and rasslablenno that the head was sinked under characteristic gravity. At chin winching hill up feel a severe tension of its tissues. At head rise — an inspiration, at downing — an expiration.

3. Suppose arms on a neck, inhale and turn a head to the right, then to the left and exhale. In marginal left and right standings you should feel pull of tissues of a chin. Exercise is better to fulfil sitting.

After exercises rinse the person at first warm, and then cool water.

The uparennaja urine dazzlingly works on a skin, exercises boost chin tissues, and it accepts a true form.


Each woman dreams to have beautiful and a young face. For this purpose it is necessary not much, but regularly to work.

These exercises will allow to remove skin ageing, will prevent appearance of folds.

1. Sit endways, look before itself. Try to unclose widely eyes, tracking that the person thus did not screw up the face. Remain in such standing, mentally considering to 8. Close down eyes and be relaxed. At first do this exercise only once.

2. Exercise prolongs previous, consists of 12 movements: at first look endways before itself, then, without changing a standing of a head, eyes translate to the right, then to the left, then hill up, then downwards, further the view goes at first to the right hill up, then on the left hill up, then to the right downwards and at last on the left downwards. It some kind of "circle" motions by eyes.

At first this exercise make once, then lead up to six.

3. Proofly having narrowed eyes, consider to 5. To make once.

4. Sit before a mirror and, having sinked a chin, look at the reflex. Gradually close down eyes, yet does not remain small shchelochka. Mass attention on polukruzhe under eyes and try to uplift a lower eyelid as though. Completely close down eyes and be relaxed. Iterate exercise once again.

5. Finger tips hold down polukruzhe under eyes. Narrow eyes, overcoming resistance of setpins, mentally consider to 4 (setpins all time should remain nonmotile). Gradually slacken pression of setpins. Iterate 2 more times.

6. Hold down muscle setpins under brows. Overcoming resistance of setpins, try to fold densely eyes, having massed on this driving all attention. Consider to 6. Be relaxed and take out pression of setpins. Iterate 2 more times.

7. Exercise consists of two parts.

Deliver elbows on desktop, the heel of palms hold down to the person, under eyes, and gradually press on the person, trying not to offset a skin. Consider to 10, then oslabte pression, take out palms.

The heel of palms apply on temporal bones, gradually pressing on them, — all remaining as it is featured above.

Both parts of exercise make on 3 times.

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For deduction of salts from an organism a method starvation is unusually effective. And if during hunger to use a distilled water or a characteristic urine process of leadingout of salts goes even better. Slenderness grows literally in the face of, day by day. To me was to hunger enough from 8 till 12 days that I could sit in shut "Lotus".

To maintain slenderness, it is necessary to fast regularly. Some can fast once a week, others 1 time in two weeks and 3—4 times in a year for 5—15 days. Such program of hunger will perfectly strip of salts and drosses, to rejuvenate an organism.

How correctly to lead starvation and to quit it, read in my books, specially in the book "Starvation".

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